You finally decided to make public your website, congratulations on that! This step means that you are ready to publish your products and to show your business to potential clients that want to invest in your site.

Before publishing your website you must know that there are few things to keep in mind. For example, you might want your website to work properly, to have a nice presentation, good security, great speed, and visibility.

These basic things are what makes a website successful and thriving. Likewise, there are others a little bit more complex that you need to check too. To do such checking you need to find a good web testing and CWP World, LLC is the perfect tester to do it. 

Before telling you which these 12 secrets to be checked in your websites are, first, we want to explain what testing a website means and why it is important to do it.  

Testing Websites: What Is It?

Websites are developed to run or to be seen in the browsers. They are created to have a nice communication with developers, clients, and readers, of course. To gain trust in your clients and your target market, it is important to check your website before goes public.

Testing a website can also be known as a mediator to solve problems. When you are developing a website, it is essential to find issues that could probably go wrong because if something occurs you need to explain to people what happened.  

Checking issues such as basic functionality, accessibility to users, consistency, speed and site’s availability to adjust to receptive devices like smartphones, tablets, and PC can be discussed and repaired before posting your website.

If developers, clients or users find a bug while visiting your site, they will lose focus and will automatically go to another and you do not want that, right? This is why testing websites must be done to have more visits, possible clients and loyal readers.

Web testing CWPWorld, LLC analyzes your website to verify how well implemented it is for online use and success, and gives you clues and suggestions on how it can be better and more powerful.

Why Is It Important To Check/Test Your Website?

A well designed and executed website launch takes time and patience. It is important to know what the customer wants and website owners must regularly evaluate their sites and make changes if needed so readers and clients are satisfied. 

Moreover, when owners think that the site is “ready” to be launched, sometimes, they launch it without checking it first. For this reason, it is important to do testing to see if changes are needed. Data and tests help identifying the elements and areas of a site that need a little more of work. 

One of the main reasons testing websites is so important is because other websites offer the same products and services. If users cannot find a product on your site, they will go to the next one. 

Even when the site looks pretty friendly and amazing, and there are a lot of links and information to buy a product, if the user does not know how to use it, that is a warning. You need to check that area first or your client will go to another page. CWP World, LLC offers you the opportunity to test your website for you to know if it is too hard to browse and fix it so your company is suitable and reliable.

12 Reasons Why People Should End To End Test Their Websites With CWP World, LLC

There are plenty of reasons to test websites, and owners tend to disregard them in the rush to publish their sites. Occasionally, little or no testing at all is done and this can be a damage both for the site and its reputation.

If you want your website has a big breakout and be the best of all, keep in mind these top 12 secrets to be checked in your websites and choose CWP World, LLC to check them. 

1. Make sure your website works

It may sound obvious and a little dumb, but functionality in your website is very important. There are often simple bugs and errors that are not picked up before the website launches or that have been online for a while. 

These bugs can be images not loading, broken links or wrong forms. CWP World, LLC tenders a functionality test to verify your website works properly in the browsers and how the database is connected.  

Functionality is the top-secret to be checked your website and is vital to ensure that users visiting the site can find the information they are looking for and then become exclusive customers.

CWP World, LLC tests every area of your site to make sure it works as intended. We fix errors that block visitors from making a purchase or commenting on a post. If functionality does not work right, it can collapse your whole site and you will lose clients and money.  

2. Check the website displays in the dominant web browsers

Your website is your work source, therefore, you must keep it up to date on the latest dominant web browsers and its latest versions. Every day new browsers are emerging and others gain popularity. 

Browsers apply different rendering engines that are used to show websites and the same site can look pretty different in two different browsers. In this case, your website will not display or work correctly in all web browsers that your visitors frequent. 

Web browser problems that users can experience can include the main browsing not showing up or not available to use. Full pages can be unreadable and countless other browsers related issues are very common.

A quick test of your website with CWP World, LLC in each browser can avoid problems that may modify the number of visitors and users. It is necessary to do such a test for your website to work in the most common browsers.  

Browser compatibility test in CWP World, LLC follows some processes to carry out professional testing. For example, we study the specification, wireframes, and designs. We also create a test plan by listing all the functionality and elements to test.  

We do the testing and record any problems found in the bug tracking problem, we make a detailed report of what has been checked and a malfunction of the problems and we retest all the bugs fixed to double-check every mistake.

3. Check your website displays on mobile devices

Mobile web browsing is indeed growing impressively. Nowadays it is necessary to make sure that your site can at least be seen perfectly on mobile devices even when you did not plan a mobile version.

You must know how your site displays on each latest mobile device. This matter will determine if you need to do more work so your site is available on a mobile. Whether it is a tablet or a smartphone, the site must have good accessibility.

CWP World, LLC will fully check your website through all major mobile devices, operating systems and mobile browsers to ensure it works as intended and users do not have troubles when visiting your site while they are on their mobiles. 

4. Check website speediness

When a website takes too long to load it means that something is wrong and your business will probably go down. Possible customers will stop purchasing and top readers will stop visiting because of the slowness.

These days, computers and mobile devices is all about speed. Customers and readers have high expectations for website performance that if a new website takes more than 8 seconds to load, they will leave to another.

One of the main reasons websites are too slow is because of the user’s device and internet connection. Nevertheless, there are other things that website owners can do for their website load as quickly as possible.

Testing websites means a Speed Test and our company is the right tester for your website’s performance. CWP World, LLC gives details of your website’s speediness and makes a list of any bug to be fixed and gives suggestions to improve the site’s speed. 

Speed Test can go from diminishing the size of images to clearing site caches. This test with CWP World, LLC will find these little bugs and fix them so you do not have to lose customers for waiting too long. 

5. Check website accessibility

When we talk about web accessibility we mean that the content of your website must be available for ANYONE. Your site must be designed to work for all people whatever their hardware, software, location or ability is. 

When websites have all these elements it means that it is accessible to people with diverse disabilities such as hearing, cognitive, physical, visual and neurological. Likewise, website accessibility can benefit people without disabilities, for example, people using other devices like smart TVs and watches and other devices with small screens.

Elder people are also benefited with web accessibility because most webs are adapted to their aging changes, people with temporary injuries like broken legs or lost glasses can also find accessible webs according to their needs.

Therefore, testing websites accessibility is compulsory for web owners and organizations that want to develop high-quality websites and tools without excluding people from using and seeing their business. 

In CWP World, LLC we check website accessibility to make sure your website complies with all the accessibility requirements. We increase the font size in needed case, we activate high contrast, we ensure you can tab across the browsing to the content and we do a site-wide validation of all HTML and CSS. 

6. Make sure to apply an A/B website testing

One of the common aspects of website testing is trying to optimize your conversion rates by doing A/B tests. The test’s goal is to gain more sales or purchase from the same number of viewers and customers. 

Websites’ owners develop multiple versions of their sites to see which one gets the most clicks and has the highest rates. CWP World, LLC tests different promotions, pages layouts, images, color schemes, forms, etc. This test will help improve your rates and achieve more of the same visitors’ levels. 

7. Check website security

Let’s say that potential customers enter your site and they find something like a virus and it hacks all their information. Your site will not be secure for them anymore and they will avoid it at all costs. 

In this case, security website testing is an extremely important thing to do. If your website does not has good security firewall, it will be a risk for both your site and your readers. If you want your visitors to be safe, you must run a security test before.  

CWP World, LLC helps to control unethical people who want to use your website for illegal activities such as accessing your data or adding codes to your site to spread virus or even replace yours with their own site. 

8. Bear in mind your users and their feedback 

Another secret for your website to be awesome is to keep your users happy and satisfied. You create your website for them and for gaining more customers. In this case, having feedback from your target visitors is the key for your website.

Testing websites are useful to search for your users’ point of view regarding your site. By doing this, you can figure out what your customers and users like and what they find annoying or pretty impossible when visiting your site.

9. Make sure SEO works properly

SEO is very important to promote your website. All SEO aspects must be ready on time and with no delays before launching your site so users can find it easily on the web. Even though you are sure your website is ready, SEO issues can easily be skipped without you noticing. 

You can create double content, set up new pages with not titles, break links or not update your site map and an infinity of hidden errors. Maybe you do not realize these errors are there but they appear when your users start leaving your site. 

A frequent website testing of the SEO aspects will keep everything fine and will ensure search engines still want your website. CWP World, LLC tests every bug regarding SEO and make your site more visible on browsers. 

Some of the test we do is title tags, alt tags, URL structure, broken links, hidden content and checking social elements including Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

10. Check Google Analytics is installed with no errors 

You know that Google Analytics is an essential element for your website runs perfectly. Sometimes when creating a site, Google Analytics is installed with errors and it carries out malfunctions to the website. 

It could be that the code is missing from some pages or cross-domain problems are not settled correctly. To avoid these errors, testing websites of your Google Analytics set up can resolve any problem and start measuring your visitor statistics as intended. 

11. Check grammar and spelling

Most people do not care about the way some words and sentences are written. However, some others do not like errors, not even minor ones, when visiting a new website. It is said that well-written content is a sign of a very good developed website.

Perhaps you have spent a lot of time reviewing grammar and spelling but maybe, for some reason, few mistakes need to be checked before launching the site. CWP World, LLC can offer a regular spelling and grammar test on your whole website to erase any minimal errors that you did not see when creating your content. 

12. Check contact forms

All websites must have a contact form because if something goes wrong, who else the user can contact? For this reason, you ought to check your contact forms to make sure each field works. Try to verify everything from clicking submit to the correct email of your website. 

If these minimal mistakes cannot be fixed on time, you will probably need to run a website testing so your readers do not feel frustrated when contacting you if something happens.

Bonus secret

Keep in mind that if you want your website to be the top of the top, you should constantly take care of these aspects before or after publishing it. CWP World, LLC offers the best testing websites programs for you. You do not have to worry about going to other websites testers because our company is the ideal for you. 

Why get your website tested with CWP World, LLC?

Now that you know the Top 12 Secrets To Be Checked in Your Websites, you may be asking why you should get your website tested, and why should you buy CWP World, LLC? If your website presents any of these problems, you need to get a test as soon as possible. These problems are the following: 

  • SEO problems.
  • Website takes too long to load.
  • Browsers do not accept your site.
  • 404 errors.
  • Your website has no users or visitors.

If these and other problems keep emerging, it is time for your website to get tested to repair any bug that causes website’s malfunctions. CWP, LLC is a good option for doing such job. 

CWP World, LLC will find security-related-problems and fix them to protect your customers and you, of course. Also, it will check your coding and fix any minimal errors. Plus, if your site is too slow, CWP World, LLC speed test will help you to mend that. 

Bear in mind that if you choose to pay for CWP World, LLC, you will not regret your decision. This web tester will tell what is wrong on your website and will fix it at the moment. You will not have to lose any more customers because of an error your website has, our company will do the right thing and your site will be a total success.

For more information, go to our website and feel free to ask anything you want to know about!